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Published: Thursday, 26 th March 2020 Here at Rigbey Harrison we hope that our Clients, colleagues and business partners are coping well with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. We are all experiencing unprecedented challenges and it is good to see that increased levels of mutual understanding and cooperation are already evident. Everyone is working hard to adapt to the current situation, given that information is changing daily, along with the associated government guidance. We will continue to follow all the relevant advice from Public Health England and other Government departments to ensure the safety of our staff and their dependents. Government Guidance - COVID-19: guidance for employees, employers and businesses about-covid-19 CURRENT STATUS At the time of publication of this notice we have no staff with a positive diagnosis for Covid-19, or staff who are on sick leave with relevant symptoms. KEY POLICY POINTS We already have plans in place to enable Rigbey Harrison to continue working effectively and while we have not yet been directly impacted by the virus, this will almost inevitably change. Please take note of the information below, which we will update, as required. At this time, Rigbey Harrison are not intending to change any of our contact details, working hours or conditions of service. We do however have plans to introduce alternative phone numbers to call in the event that the Offices cannot be manned. In the event of any requirement to isolate our office, our staff are equipped to operate as normally as possible from alternative locations. Most of our staff are already working remotely from home. Remote working arrangements will inevitably have challenges which may require us to change a number of our long established practices. For example, where practical we will take the opportunity to introduce secure encrypted digital transfer of data, correspondence and other business information, rather than use hard copy. By prior arrangement, and for as long as staff availability allows, we will continue to accommodate the physical hard copy transfer of files and supporting data at the offices. Regrettably we are having to stop ‘walk-in’ delivery of files etc.. We have contingencies built into our processes to accommodate scenarios where we need to run our operations on a lean basis, if illness or isolation reduces the number of staff able to work. We will continuously review these arrangements, and others that we may have to introduce. As far as is possible Rigbey Harrison is endeavouring to provide a Business As Usual service. We are confident that you will support our aims.
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